"Structures Co. has been a strategic partner to Saris for over 20 years.  Structures' attention to detail along with competitive pricing and flexible scheduling is second to none.  We at Saris truly value our partnership with Structures Co. 
 - Don Schultz
Senior Sourcing Agent, Saris Cycling Group

"Structures has been crucial to our success as a garden tool supplier.  We initially approached Structures to quote on manufacturing a part that was being produced elsewhere.  Their pricing was very competitive and we gave them the order.  Their quality proved to be far superior to previous suppliers.  We followed up with an assembly contract that incorporated the part they were producing.  Structure's tooling and metal manufacturing expertise proved invaluable, and in working together, we developed a tool that far exceeded out initial plans."
 - Noel Valdes
Owner, CobraHead Tools LLC

 "We are happy with Structure's workmanship and ability to work with our management and engineers."
 - Mathew Gary Diedrich
Plant Engineer, RAYOVAC Corporation

"Structure's willingness to invest money into tooling gives us the security for a great partnership.  The determination to produce quality parts shows us that they are dedicated to success, on top of delivery time, and willingness to hand deliver parts when necessary to keep our production running."
 - Gary Worm Jr. 
Buyer, Baker Manufacturing Company

"You took a problem order and turned it into profitable business.  I had this order with two shops who could not produce parts to print.  I had countless rejections and devoted many hours to rectifying quality and delivery problems."
 - Catherine Johnson
President, Sanborn Tube Sales of Wisconsin, Inc.

"My intent was that Structures would be a second source to our own manufacturing.  With the high quality and quantities we received from Structures, it soon became apparent that they should be our primary source and we devoted our own manufacturing to other products."
 - Bill Decker
President, American Farm Implement & Specialty, Inc. 

Structures Company is proud to list the following companies as satisfied customers: 

American Industries                          Baker MFG Company
CobraHead Tools LLC                      Hoppe North American Inc.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.                      Industrial Coil Inc.
KLS Lubriquip Inc.                            Nicolet Instrument Corporation        
Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation      Parker Pen Ltd.
RAYOVAC Corporation                    RLA Cylinder Company   
Saris Cycle Group                            SpaceSavers Corporation 
Trachte Building Systems                 Warner Electric Inc.